HPFCHarry Potter Fan Club
HPFCHigh Performance Functional Computing
HPFCHigh Performance Fortran Compiler (computing)
HPFCHigh Power Fiber Coupled (laser)
HPFCHourly Price Forward Curve
HPFCHigh Performance Fuel Cell
HPFCHybrid Power Flow Controller
HPFCHybrid Position/Force Control (robotics)
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Europe dominated the PMI foam market and other HPFC market followed by North America.
In addition to striving to provide healthful products for consumer-members, HPFC is committed to cultivating farmer-consumer relationships and enhancing rural sustainability.
The presence of HPFC s network in the region has allowed some producers to grow their businesses.
and for consumers to know what food tastes like," says Jo Hagney, current HPFC treasurer and founding co-chair of the co-op.
We realized that even though maybe we couldn't produce a lot of products, we had neighbors who could," adds HPFC President Chris Schmidt.
For many fresh and specialty food growers along the Front Range, HPFC serves as an example of how to successfully merge philosophical and economic interests in a way that supports the growing local food movement.
Despite differences in business models, HPFC operates "virtually" while CFAM markets take place at multiple locations in the Colorado Springs area; both cooperatives share a desire to promote healthful eating and closer connections with the land and farming families.
HPFC markets products from a diverse multi-state area, giving the organization an advantage over traditional farmers markets that draw vendors from relatively smaller geographic areas.
Both HPFC and CFAM have added many growers to their membership roles in recent years.
Encouraging member-growers to share personal stories of how these benefits are being achieved through participation in marketing-oriented co-op 's such as CFAM and HPFC may be a compelling means of advocating for co-op membership.
In the heavy recruitment phase of membership, both HPFC and CFAM employed many of the methods described above.