HPFLHp Fibre Link
HPFLHigh Power Fiber Laser (fiber optics)
HPFLHazara Phosphate Fertilizers, Ltd. (Pakistan)
HPFLHealth Partners for Life (Netcare)
HPFLHigh Pressure Fire Loop
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The data of registration of the fuel pressure characteristic in HPFL, the fuel injection nozzle lift defining the real phase of the fuel injection start, and the indicator diagram presented in Fig.
The transfer of diesel engine to work on the RME-E biodiesel does not result in the change of the start of phase of the pressure rise [P.sub.f] in HPFL as compared with D mineral diesel fuel.
Thus, an explanation of [[phi].sub.f1] lag is to be sought in the features of the hydrodynamic processes of injection of the alcohol-containing fuels into the HPFL.
The obtained data validate the proposed hypothesis of formation of gas phase-cavities in HPFL with a relatively low [P.sub.fmax] <60/70MPa in the cases of use of the alcohol-containing blended fuels D-RME-E even with an insignificant E part.
The ratings reflect significant erosion in HPFL's overall risk profile mainly as an outcome of its subdued financial position, impacting also its operational fundamentals.
About the company: Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers (Pvt.) Limited (HPFL), incorporated in 1985, commenced commercial production of Granular Single Super Phosphate (GSSP) in 1989.
The BoD of HPFL comprises five members including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Lagarban/Taranawai mines was not carried out, necessitating conversion of HPFL to imported phosphate rock.
Location of HPFL in NWFP has a special significance as it ensures the availability of phosphatic fertilizer in an area, far off from the port.
The same methodology, as in the case of LCFL, was done for HPFL as well.
HPFL to be listed on the Main Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), has offered 32% of its equity stake to the public.
The ratings incorporate HPFL's low business risk profile emanating from robust, indeed growing, demand of its product in the domestic market.