HPFMHigh Pressure Flow Meter (agriculture analysis method)
HPFMHunter Property Fund Management (Edinburgh, UK)
HPFMHocus Pocus Freakin' Magic (polite form)
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HPFM's managing director, Mark Hunter, said: "Harry's wide range of skills and industry knowledge will be invaluable in helping HPFM broaden its offering and client base," "Investors are increasingly seeking smaller, boutique, fund managers such as HPFM which are, crucially, management owned.
Nicola Campbell of HPFM, said the 10-year-old building was the prime pitch in South Shields, close to the Metro line, where current Zone A rents equate to pounds 80 per sqft.
HPFM managing director Mark Hunter said: "The sale represented the end of a five-year investment period for our Irish syndicated investors where we sought to take advantage of the weight of money in the market for a good quality product.