HPFRCHigh Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (construction)
HPFRCHigh Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement (construction)
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* Engineered cementitious composite (ECC) mortar mixes with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers, and HPFRC with 5D steel fibers displayed deflection hardening behavior; HPFRC with polypropylene (PP) fibers had high residual strengths but did not exhibit deflection hardening.
* All HPFRC mixtures performed satisfactorily with no cracks or tight cracks (< 0.117 mm) in early visual surveys weeks after the placement.
Varied types of synthetic fibres apart from steel have found their way in forming HPFRC. Acrylic, aramid, carbon, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene have been successfully employed as reinforcing material in concrete.
In the early days of HPFRC, synthetic fibres monofilaments were used thus reflecting the size and shape of steel and glass employed in concrete those days.
This was done to test the ultimate capacity of the HPFRC in shear since such failure mode was expected in the slab experiments.
This is due to the local deformation of wood around the HPFRC dowel.
The slight loss of the composite action between wood and HPFRC results in a gradual loss of stiffness.
In order to improve the workability and the fresh properties of HPFRC, Sika ViscoCrete-1600 was used as superplasticizer.
The effects of Basalt fiber volume on the results of the compressive strength of all mixes of HPFRC are shown in Figure 5.
The variation in the average cube and cylinder strengths of HPFRC containing Basalt fibers was found to be in the range of [+ or -] 4% compared to the average compressive strength of the control specimens.
To optimize the structural design of HPFRC members, it is essential to know the mechanical and fracture properties of the material.
By using the beam bending test, that is, the most common experimental test set, the post-cracking tensile behaviour of HPFRC materials has been analysed in this work.