HPFRCCHigh Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites
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The HPFRCC is a recent development that can provide a possible solution for localized severe wide cracks [3] because of its unique ability to induce a number of finely distributed cracks.
For this purpose, FRP can be applied to the HPFRCC as protection against the external environment, fiber corrosion, and so forth.
The mixing time for HPFRCC was approximately one to two minutes instead of 30 to 40 seconds of normal concrete to provide sufficient workability and dispersion of fibers.
The field-processed HPFRCC's mechanical properties were evaluated with compressive strength.
Choi and Yun [6] investigated the effects of expansive admixture on the shrinkage and mechanical properties of HPFRCC materials.
Kobayashi and Rokugo [8] proposed the use of a HPFRCC layer to repair RC members damaged by chloride.
The ability of HPFRCC material to mitigate damage and dissipate energy greatly improves the mechanical performance of reinforced HPFRCC structures by preventing brittle failure and the loss of structural integrity, which are deficiencies often found in conventional reinforced concrete structures under excessive loading [6-10].
[14] investigated the effects of mixture parameters, such as water-to-binder (w/b) ratio, sand-to-binder (s/b) ratio, and cement types, such as Portland cement and composite cement that includes CaO, Si[O.sub.2], and [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] as their main components, on drying shrinkage as well as the tensile behavior of engineered cementitious composite (ECC), which is a kind of HPFRCC. Their test results indicate that the replacement of Portland cement by composite cement reduces the drying shrinkage of ECC with 1.7% polyethylene (PE) fibers.
Li, "Polyvinyl alcohol fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composites: material design and performances," in Proceedings of International Workshop on HPFRCC in Structural Applications, pp.
[37] JSCE, Recommendations for Design and Construction of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites with Multiple Fine Cracks (HPFRCC), Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Tokyo, Japan, 2008.
In order to evaluate the feasibility of structural stay-in-place formwork in HPFRCC IPC, two different types of beams are designed and tested:
High-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites (HPFRCCs) [4, 5] are a group of fiber-reinforced cement-based composites which possess the unique ability to flex and self-strengthen before fracturing.