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HPFSHigh Performance File System
HPFSHealth Professionals Follow-Up Study (Harvard School of Public Health)
HPFSHewlett-Packard Financial Services (information technology investment services)
HPFSHigh Purity Fused Silica (glass material)
HPFSHigh Point Finished Surface (piping)
HPFSHospital Patient Financial Services
HPFSHereditary Periodic Fever Syndrome (genetic defect)
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In the HPFS, a 131-item FFQ was administered at the time the cohort was established in 1986, follow-up FFQs were mailed every 4 years (e.
The researchers documented a total of 1,973 incident colorectal cancer cases: 1,264 cases in NHS (1986-2008) and 709 cases in HPFS (1988-2008).
The researchers used data from three large cohort studies that documented food intake to examine this association, assessing diet and diabetes status in 39,765 men in the HPFS (Health Professionals Follow-Up Study), 69,120 women in the NHS I (Nurses' Health Study I), and 88,343 women in the NHS II.
In a separate pilot study we randomly selected 300 men from the HPFS and collected two EDTA samples 1 year apart, using methods described elsewhere (25).
The study was composed of two cohorts: 78,977 women from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) and 41,202 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS) who were at least 40 years of age, did not have glaucoma and reported undergoing eye examinations from 1980 (for NHS participants) and 1986 (for HPFS participants) to 2008.
2005) years of age at baseline examination; prospective design HPFS nested USA Male health 470 cases, case-control professionals 464 study (Yoshizawa 40-75 years of controls et al.
HPFS provides SMBs with the flexibility to pay for the use of solution bundles or hardware through a monthly subscription payment model.
The researchers analysed data from 6,934 women from NHS, 4,423 men from HPFS, and 21,740 women from WGHS who were of European ancestry and for whom genotype data based on genome-wide association studies were available.
RESULTS: Among participants living in metropolitan areas of the northeastern and midwestern United States, there were 3,784 incident cases of DM in the NHS, and 688 cases in the HPFS.
By evolving the partner experience, HPFS is designed to allow partners to sell more, see returns faster and create long term-relationships with customers.
As per Darren Adams vice president and general manager, Avnet Technology Solutions, Australia and New Zealand, including of HPFS into Avnet s line of products has made the reseller confident it can offer its partners more fluid lines of credit when attaining IT solutions.