HPFZHarry Potter Fan Zone (forum)
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The station OSTC was installed in October 2005 and the station CHVC in May 2009 with the aim to cover the HPFZ for a better location of weak seismic events.
All three wells are located in the distance of 8 to 10 km from the HPFZ.
Although the events in Figure 5 are selected so that they are located at the HPFZ or in the close vicinity of the wells, we do not find any remarkable drops or rises of the water levels in the given time period.
The network of four stations has been set up to cover the HPFZ and for the events A, B, E, G, J, L and M the location error is assumed to be smaller, around 1 km.
Twelve earthquakes were found in the vicinity of the HPFZ using four seismic stations from July 2009 to April 2011.
We derived the Smf index for the SW marginal scarp of the Jestrebi Mts which we suppose to be fixed to the anticipated normal fault parallel to the main reverse fault of the HPFZ (see also Stejskal et al.
In total five profiles, crossing both the anticipated faults and the main reverse fault of the HPFZ, were measured at three sites on both sides of the NW part of the HPT (see Fig.
Based on the results of resistivity measurements we suppose that the NE margin of the studied part of the HPT is controlled by a normal fault parallel to the main reverse fault of the HPFZ.
The contemporary HPFZ is a result of a complicated and long--lasting evolution which began in the late Paleozoic.
Since 1984 were recorded in the area of HPFZ more than 80 earthquakes in the magnitude range M = 0.
2] play deep permeable faults like the HPFZ or some other local fractures (Jetel and Rybarova, 1979).
Three seismic stations--Upice (UPC), Dobruska-Polom (DPC) and Ostas (OST)--are presently operated in the broader area of the HPFZ.