HPGAHypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis (Hormones)
HPGAHealthcare Professional Global Assessment
HPGAHigher Performance Golf Academy (Gaylord Springs Golf Links; Nashville, TN)
HPGAHigh Pressure Gas Assembly
HPGAHorizontal Peak Ground Acceleration
HPGAHigh Point Golf Association (High Point, NC)
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As seen in Figure 13, without considering the water-rock interaction, the HPGA of each record point of the slope increases gradually as its height rises and reaches the peak at the top of the slope.
And the variation trend of the HPGA of the record point at the top of the slope under the water-rock interaction cycle is shown in Figure 14, with that of the hydro-fluctuation belt shown in Figure 15.
When the water-rock interaction is considered, the HPGA of the record point in the hydro-fluctuation belt area increases rapidly, while that of other places in the slope decreases slowly.
With the reservoir water level of 145 m and 175 m, dynamic response of bank slope share the similar law under earthquake action and so does the HPGA change law of each record point in the process of water-rock interaction.
NKB/NK3R signaling might be involved in the advance onset-puberty in precocious puberty and the regulation of nourishing "Yin"-removing "Fire" Chinese herb mixture on the abnormal function of HPGA in precocious puberty rats.
where P(C < D)|(HPGa, VPGa/HPGa) represents the probability of failure corresponding to a damage state defined under a given horizontal ground motion acceleration intensity (HPGa) and a given ratio between the vertical and horizontal components of the ground motion acceleration intensity (VPGa/HPGa); VPGa denotes the vertical ground motion intensity; and [[sigma].sub.v]/[[xi].sub.v] are the mean and standard deviation of the seismic intensity that leads to a damage state under a given ratio between the vertical and horizontal intensities, respectively.