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GGE and HPGC reproducibility, expressed as CV determined over an 8-week period, were 0.
To verify column variation, we measured LDL size of 20 samples on two separate HPGC columns.
21 nm), suggesting that mild LDL aggregation does not seriously affect size determination by HPGC.
VLDL subjected to HPGC eluted between 14 and 17 min as illustrated in Fig.
To establish the retention time of Lp(a) in the HPGC system, Lp(a) was isolated by ultracentrifugation between 1.
The LDL sizes measured by HPGC of 9 fresh LDL samples were compared with those in the same samples after storage for 4 weeks at 4[degrees]C.
To validate the HPGC procedure for LDL size measurement, we compared the HPGC method with GGE.
Within-run CV of LDL size as measured by HPGC was <0.
Loading the HPGC column with isolated LDL, as we did in this study, we observed no deterioration of column performance after >500 injections.
However, with the HPGC technique, LDL eluted as a single peak (Figs.
4) of our selected NIDDM patients are consistent with these studies, showing significant correlations between LDL size estimated by HPGC and plasma TG and HDL cholesterol (r = -0.
Correlation studies with LDL size estimated by GGE and HPGC and the LDL lipid composition gave comparable results (Table 3).