HPGDSHematopoietic Prostaglandin D2 Synthase
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The expression of mRNA for hPGDS by SF mDC was greater in SF mDC than in SF monocytes (P < 0.0001) or peripheral blood monocytes (P < 0.0001) (Figure 3(a)).
The higher level of PG[D.sub.2] in synovial fluid and higher expression of hPGDS by SF mDC seen in some patients was intriguing and led us to explore a possible correlation with inflammatory disease activity (Figure 4).
We have shown that dietary fortification with vitamin [D.sub.3] reduced the severity and duration of adoptively transferred polyarthritis (ATA) in rats, and this was associated with increased expression of hPGDS and reduced expression of PGES by mDC from synoviumrich hind paw tissue of arthritic rats [10].
SF mDCs were found to express significantly more hPGDS than PGES.
hPGDS and its products PG[D.sub.2] and further downstream metabolites 15-deoxyA12,14 PG[J.sub.2] (15-PG[J.sub.2]) are clearly involved in resolution of inflammation, acting on cell traffic and cytokine synthesis in animal models [5, 7, 36].