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HPGLHewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPGLHewlett Packard Graphical Language
HPGLHuman Population Genetics Laboratory (Stanford University School of Medicine; California)
HPGLHigh Priests Group Leader
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By 1997, SwiftView had created innovative licensing schemes that could be marketed through the Internet, enabling cost-effective viewing of virtually any PCL or HPGL file for enterprises that have licensed SwiftView technology.
HPGL Controller and Indexer LPT expose students to CAM basics.
The CAD editor can draw and arrange graphic objects, while the integrated converter imports DXF/DWG, HPGL and IGES data formats, and BMP, TIF, JPG, and PCX pixel formats.
PSI provides designers, engineers and administrators an automatic means of plotting or exporting Pro/INTRALINK objects to communication file formats such as native Pro/ENGINEER, IGES, PDF, DXF, HPGL, and images files.
They demonstrate reading either a HPGL or GCODE file.
The software both imports and exports data in this industry-standard binary format as well as AUTOCAD versions 12 and 14 DXF, HPGL, IGES, EXCELLON NC and GERBER formats.
Hijaak Pro supports more than 70 graphics file formats including metafiles (CGM), AutoCad (DXF), Lotus (PIC), WordPerfect (WPG), CompuServe (GIF), Hewlett Packard (HPGL), JPEG (JFIF), Targa (TGA), TIFF, and Windows clipboard (CLP), Bitmap (BMP), Icons (ICO), RLE files as examples.
The prototyping system, Model Maker software, an embedded IBM-compatible 80486/33 computer workstation that accepts .STL or HPGL data files, and a supply of model-building materials all costs $70,000.
Another hybrid item is the Plotter in a Cartridge PE, from Pacific Data Products in San Diego, Calif., which emulates HPGL on laser printers.
-- You can find, view, print and manage over 200 file formats including Helix, AutoCAD, CoCreate ME10, Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus, dBase, DXF, HPGL, JPEG and TIFF files.