HPGPCHigh Performance Gel Permeation Chromatography
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Fractionation of polysaccharides S-3-1 and S-3-2 by Sephadex G-150 size-exclusion chromatography resulted in a HPGPC profile as shown in Figure 1.
Caption: Figure 1: HPGPC profile of polysaccharide S-3-1 and S-3-2.
The acidic EPS was isolated and purified from AS-168 medium according to Section 2.2; totally 30 mg of the acidic EPS was purified from 1 L of culture medium, and the acidic EPS was purified to homogeneity as judged by HPGPC (Figure 1).
Due to the advantages of rapid and reproducible HPGPC, it is widely used to determine the molecular weight of the polysaccharide.
The HPGPC profiles suggested that the polysaccharides were homogeneous as each polysaccharide showed a symmetrical peak.
The result of HPGPC in Figure 3(c) showed that the elution peak of TFPI was a single symmetric peak with a relatively narrow distribution, suggesting that TFPI was of chromatographic grade and identified to be a homogeneous polysaccharide.
Molecular weight of UFP was determined by HPGPC, using a P230 GPCHPLC system (Elite Co, Dalian, China) and a WellChrom K-2301 Refractive Index Detector (Knauer, Berlin, Germany).