HPHHuman-Powered Helicopter (engineering)
HPHHandley Page Herald (model airplane)
HPHHealth Promoting Hospitals
HPHHits per Hour
HPHHighland Park Hospital
HPHHaiphong Catbi (airport code, Vietnam)
HPHHashimoto-Pritzker Histiocytosis (disease)
HPHHigh Performance Hydrogen (furnaces)
HPHHelix Pomatia Hemocyanin
HPHHigh Performance Helicopter
HPHHodge Podge Hardware
HPHHutchinson Port Holdings, Ltd.
HPHHand Pull Hole (light rail)
HPHHigh Performance Hub
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The aim of this preliminary report is to investigate the clinical efficacy of modified TS-TI approach, minipterional craniotomy with TS-TI approach, in managing HPH.
The percentage foam expansion index related to the initial foam volume increased from 60% to 110% as HPH pressure increased from 0 MPa to 500 MPa.
HPH is an international-restaurant group that owns and operates many of Manhattan's most famous restaurants and bars, including Harry's Cafe & Steak, Harry's Pizza Bar, The Dead Rabbit, and Ulysses.
Overcoming barriers (perceived and real) to create a community of "shared ownership and shared responsibility" within the HPH Sector to increase medical device cybersecurity; and
Mohammed Sharaf, group chief executive officer, DP World, said: "We are committed to minimising the impact we have on the environment and maximising the benefits we can bring to the communities in which we operate, and we are therefore very pleased to be working with HPH on this important initiative.
La evolucion de la HPH tiene tres cursos clinicos principales (1,6): Detencion espontanea sin necesidad de intervencion (40%), progresion rapida (10%) o progresion lenta persistente (50%), en la que el 20% se detiene despues de la intervencion, sin requerir derivacion, y el 30% requieren maniobras derivativas.
HPH 2012 was held in Havana earlier this month to market Heberprot-P[R]--a drug developed by Havana's Genetics and Biotechnology Center (CIGB) and the National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, and distributed by Heber Biotec SA.
That is, an HPH is (a) a physical and social environment; (b) a workplace; (c) a provider of health services; (d) a setting for training; (e) an advocate and change agent for health promotion; and (f) a model for developing a healthy organization (Pelikan, Krajic, & Dietscher, 2001).
The HPH Trust is the world's first publicly listed container port business trust.
A factorial design optimization of pretreatment and HPH variables was conducted.