HPHCHarvard Pilgrim Health Care (Massachusetts)
HPHCHarmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (US FDA)
HPHCHealthy People, Healthy Communities
HPHCHealthy People Healthy Company (Dutch occupational health consultancy)
HPHCHamburg Port Health Center (Germany)
HPHCHewlett-Packard Health Check (software)
HPHCHouston Parrot Head Club (Jimmy Buffett fan club; Cypress, TX)
HPHCHurricane Public Health Center (Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
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Data on OOP drug costs were available only for two sites: HPHC (exposed) and KPNC (control).
However, only the supplemented young bulls with HPHC provided had an intake of dry matter of pasture (DMP) similar (p>0.
To better understand the context of HPHC and why such an integrative approach is so essential, it is necessary to briefly outline the history of the ideas it draws upon.
HPHC has recently experienced some decline in underwriting results due mainly to aggressive pricing pressure from regional and national competitors making the company's core market very competitive; however, profitability improved through late 2010 and remains sufficient for its current ratings, the rater added.
One of Perot Systems' first steps was to help HPHC develop internally an online, self-service enrollment tool as the foundation for change.
On the oral care side HPHC markets MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules (formerly BreathAsure) and OraBlast Chewy Megamints.
Ninety percent of HPHC members had prepaid coverage for pharmaceuticals and so are likely to use HPHC/HVMA pharmacies.
Ingredient (as-fed basis) and chemical composition (% DM basis) of supplements and pastures Nutritional plan (1) Ingredients Restrict Control HPHC HPLC Corn -- -- 55.
Harvard Pilgrim also offers a Medicare Supplement Plan through its affiliate, HPHC Insurance Co.
The other groups differed by the supplement received: Control = animals received mineral mixture only; HPHC = high protein and high carbohydrate supplement; HPLC = high protein and low carbohydrate supplement; LPHC = low protein and high carbohydrate supplement; LPLC = low protein and low carbohydrate supplement (Table 1).
HPHC bought BreathAsure out of bankruptcy, and we need to explain to retailers that we are now a bigger and better entity.