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For proper assembly, some more tasks were performed--manual support was provided for alignment of the fin pusher during the fin assembly process, chamfering and widening the fin pusher jig holes to make easy penetration of heat pipes inside the holes, and straightening the HPHE misalignment.
The final U-shaped HPHE after complete assembly is shown in Figure 6c.
To test the performance of the U-shaped HPHE, an experimental test facility was created in the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, as per the schematic diagram shown in Figure 7 and test rig photograph in Figure 8.
The U-shaped HPHE was wrapped around the three-row DX cooling coil of 2.
The experimental performance of the U-shaped HPHE in terms of effectiveness e and the COP of the heat-pipe-assisted air-conditioning system were evaluated.
To explore the potential of HPHE for the Indian climates, payback analysis was carried out.
For the same reason, fan power was not included as it was not measured in the experimental performance of the HPHE.
The payback period estimation is based on the reheat energy and cooling coil energy savings achieved by using the HPHE.
Different states of air passing through the HPHE wrapped around the cooling coil are as follows: the inlet air temperature ([T.
The effectiveness of the U-shaped HPHE is defined as the ratio of the rate at which sensible heat is transferred to air in the reheat section of the U-shaped HPHE to that of the theoretical maximum possible heat transfer.
4] is the temperature after reheat section of the HPHE.
From the concept of a HPHE, the reheat energy and precool energy are equal; this is evident from Table 3.