HPHIHealthy Public Housing Initiative (Boston, MA)
HPHIHistory of Philosophy
HPHIHappy Paws Haven, Inc. (Arab, AL)
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In the consent order, which sets forth terms and conditions associated with the license, the OIR assessed a fine of $140,000 as a result of a finding by the OIR, which HPHI did not contest, that HPIH conducted business as an insurance administrator in the State of Florida prior to HPIH's submission of the application.
020] retires Additional covariates Yes Observations 8,417 Sample: Husband or wife had HPHI in the previous wave, husband has not previously retired, husband is not self-employed, and one spouse is age eligible for Initial or War Baby cohort of the HRS.
Participants are currently engaged in a four-year project to assess the effectiveness of HPHI asthma intervention programs in three public housing developments.