HPHIHealthy Public Housing Initiative (Boston, MA)
HPHIHappy Paws Haven, Inc. (Arab, AL)
HPHIHistory of Philosophy
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HphI, however, has no recognition sites within both fragments.
In contrast to BbvI and RasI, HphI showed the anticipated normal pattern in exons 2 and 3 (318bp and 257bp, respectively) in all patients, indicting the integrity of HphI site in the domain (Figure 5).
In the evaluation, [XRCC.sub.2] (Arg188His) was analyzed as having the HphI enzyme (290 bp bands Arg/Arg [homozygote wild tip] genotype; 148 bp+142 bp bands as having the Arg/His [heterozygote] genotype; 290 bp + 148 bp + 142 bp bands as having the His/His [homozygote mutant genotype]).
The PCR-amplified products were digested with HphI restriction enzyme (Fermentas, Germany) as described by the supplier recommendations.
A single RFLP profile was yielded from PCR positive blood samples, ticks, oviposition ticks, eggs, and larvae using HphI restriction enzyme (Figure 2).
As expected dCAPS- HphI and the corresponding restriction enzyme digested the amplification products of powdery mildew resistant genotypes only (Fig.
For HphI, PCR products of the 617G allele (normal) were not digested but PCR products of the 617A allele showed bands of 228 and 122 bp in the FOP patients.
Mutations at codon 12 of the K-ras gene were detected by means of the artificial RFLP/ PCR method using two restriction enzymes: BstNI (17) (New England Biolabs Inc.) and HphI (18) (Amersham Life Science, Inc.).
The HphI approach was used as described elsewhere (18).
To analyze the apo CII gene by restriction enzyme typing, the 857-bp fragment of the apo CII gene was digested with HphI and DdeI (37 [degrees]C for 3 h), analyzed on a 2% agarose gel, and visualized by ethidium bromide staining.
Using digestion with HphI and DdeI of a 857-bp fragment of the apo CII gene generated by PCR, we confirmed that our index patient was homozygous for this mutation; both parents were heterozygous carriers, whereas the sister was not affected (Fig.