HPHXHeat Pipe Heat Exchanger
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Yau[14] carried out a full year energy consumption model simulation of a double HPHX system for reducing energy consumption of treating ventilation air in an operating theatre.
They report that application of thermosyphon HPHX in conventional air-conditioning system not only maintains the indoor humidity within the acceptable level but also reduces the power demand.
17] carried out a review on the applications of horizontal HPHX in air conditioning systems in the tropics.
They grouped the recent experimental and theoretical studies and reported that conventional air conditioning systems fitted with HPHX or thermosyphon heat exchangers are effective in saving energy and also providing acceptable indoor air quality by reducing humidity level of the conditioned space by 10% ,which results in significant reduction in latent heat load.
19] carried out a simulation study on the applications of HPHX to improve the air quality and to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system in a hospital ward.
The observations based on the theoretical literature reviews(Table 2) show that the single HPHX and double HPHX are widely applied in the HVAC systems to control humidity, improve Indoor Air Quality, conserve and recover cool and heat energy by way of pre cooling and reheating.
The HPHX are also used along with PCM to improve the heat transfer rate to enhance the performance of the thermal storage systems.
4: Psychometric chart representing the air conditioning process with (solid line) and without (dotted line) HPHX [1].