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HPIBHewlett Packard Interface Bus
HPIBHewlett-Packard Interface Bus
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HPIB's bank financial strength rating (BFSR) of C-, with a "stable" outlook, was not affected as HP is retaining all hardware and software lines that the bank finances, the agency said.
HPIB's deposit ratings continue to benefit from Moody's assumption of a
uplift reflects the full management control of HPIB by its parent and the
fact that HPIB's leasing activities are an integral part of HP.
HPIB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HP based in Dublin, Ireland, that
According to Enterprise the plant can produce more than 300 million pounds of HPIB annually, a substantial amount of which is under contract.
Jeechem HPIB INCI name (proposed): cyclized dimethicone (and) cyclomethicone (and) hydrogenated polyisobutene Use levels: 3-6% Applications: hair care conditioners, styling lotions, pomades Comments: Significantly improves feel and conditioning properties of hair care formulations.
For Personal Care Formulators, JEECHEM HPIB (proposed INCI: Cyclized Dimethicone (and) Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Cyclomethicone) utilizes an innovative conditioning polymer designed to improve the aesthetics and conditioning attributes of cosmetic oils.
* Jeen International Fairfield, NJ Tel: (973) 439-1401 Fax: (973) 439-1402 Website: www.jeen.com Jeechem HPIB INCI name (proposed): cyclized dimethicone (and) hydrogenated polyisobutene (and) cyclomethicone Use levels: 5-10% Applications: cosmetic formulations Comments: Prolonged soft, silky feel.
According to Christopher Tarletsky, Jeen's general manager, the cyclized dimethicone dispersion of the HPIB offers superior conditioning profile for the skin.
He noted that Jean took just four months to develop Jeechem HPIB from concept to finished product.
Jeen has the capability to supply the new Jeechem HPIB material already blended with their customers' existing cosmetic oil.