HPICHealth Partners International of Canada
HPICHigh Performance Ion Chromatography
HPICHead Producer in Charge (music industry)
HPICHomeless Persons Information Centre (Australia)
HPICHigh-Pressure Ion Chamber
HPICHealth Physics Instrumentation Committee (US Department of Energy)
HPICHard Parallel Interference Cancellation
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The Dionex Integrion HPIC system is a compact, fully integrated IC system design with separate compartments for pump, column heater with injection valve and detector with suppressor to provide faster column oven equilibration.
HPIC, in conjunction with the Cuban Council of Churches, has also provided medicines and medical supplies to 2,000 elderly Cubans throughout the island.
Assigning an 80% weight to the DCF value, and a 20% to the relative value, the weighted average share value of HPIC came out to be JD1.
The Dionex ICS-4000 capillary HPIC system offers new levels of chromatographic speed without compromising resolution, while offering 24/7 uptimes--it's always on," says John Plohetski, VP and GM for IC/SP at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Lastly, Thermo Scientific introduced the Dionex QD, the first commercially available charge detector for ion chromatography, which was integrated into its ICS-4000 HPIC (high-pressure ion chromatography) instrument that already has electrochemical and conductivity detectors.
As part of the Grand Paris and the construction of a railway station in the University Hospital of Bicetre, the current HPIC has to be moved, and the creation of a new building has been programmed.
Nine HPIC members received prizes at the launch, including newcomer Allison Challen (pictured), who took the Colin Sutcliffe Trophy - named after a late club member, the award honours the best colour picture of architecture or nature.
It will connect the secure technical premises (VTP Technical protected volume) anti fire stations HPIC (PC fire safety) at Lyon-Bercy.