HPIPHigh Performance Incentive Program (Kansas)
HPIPHistory, Physical, Impression, Plan (medical care)
HPIPHealth Practitioners' Intervention Program
HPIPHematopoietic PBX (Pre-B-Cell Leukemia Homeobox)-Interacting Protein (molecular oncology)
HPIPHigh-Pressure Inspection Pump
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An analysis by Fitch Ratings says the decision could have broader implications for midstream services providers despite it being specific to Sabine's bankruptcy proceedings and contracts with Nordheim and HPIP.
Minimum customization kept development costs in check," said Baham, who was the NSIPS deputy program manager during HPIP development.
The new NSIPS functionality replaced a legacy system that lacked the modern, robust features needed to support NMAD staff and HPIP participants.
NSIPS was a feasible migration path forward as it provided the flexibility to add the existing RSTARS-HP functionality while leveraging its existing interfaces with personnel and pay-related systems and the ability to add new ones," said Catherine Folse, former NSIPS HPIP project manager, who spearheaded development.
Also required was an interface with the Navy Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS) to ensure timely issuance of annual training payments to HPIP participants.
NSIPS provided the HPIP staff with a comprehensive system to receive timely and accurate personnel and pay-related data to not only manage HPIP personnel but to report on them using the robust ad hoc reporting capability inherent to NSIPS," Folse said.
The HPIP component of NSIPS has vastly improved data reliability and accuracy, as well as the accuracy and speed of payments.
Elijah Sanders, current NSIPS HPIP project manager.
Programs supported under the HPIP umbrella include the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), Navy Active Duty Delay for Specialists (NADDS), the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) and Nurse Candidate Program (NCP).
HPIP yesterday circulated a package of documents to its members for them to execute and return for the closing, Inhibition said.
Terms of the agreement call for the members of HPIP to receive just over $12 million of Inhibiton common stock at closing in exchange for all of the outstanding membership interests in HPIP, including ownership of API and its intellectual property and business operations.
We believe HPIP through AlumiFuel is poised to break through in 2009 with their unique hydrogen generation technology.