HPIV2Human Parainfluenza Virus Type 2 (virology)
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Only a few HPIV2 positive specimens were detected in each calendar month over every year during 2004 to 2012, no seasonality character of HPIV2 was shown in [Figure 2].
Although HPIV2 was the lowest detected one among HPIV1-3, it is easier to find HPIV2 infection in children younger than 8 years.
Compared to the data from a short period, which had suggested that no regular seasonal distribution of HPIV infection was found, except that HPIV1 and 3 were more common than HPIV2 and 4, [sup][12],[16] this study revealed the seasonality of HPIV activity based on the data from specimens collected during a period of nearly 10 years.