HPLAPHuman placental alkaline phosphatase
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Women residing in Hoboken had the highest levels of c-erbB-2, TPS, and hPLAP. For c-erbB-2, the difference was significant for both Peer (p = 0.0099) and Wilrijk (p = 0.026); for TPS (p = 0.049) and hPLAP (p = 0.015), the difference was significant only for Wilrijk.
Results of ANCOVA were similar, except that area of residence was now significantly associated with differences in hPLAP levels but no longer with differences in c-erbB-2 levels.
For 5 of the 12 TAPs assessed in this study (i.e., BTA, c-erbB-2, PDGF-BB, TPS, and hPLAP), we observed significant differences in serum levels between residents of the three municipalities.