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HPLCHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLCHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatography
HPLCHigh-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate (diet)
HPLCHomeless Persons' Legal Clinic (Promoting Law in the Public Interest; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
HPLCHigh Permeation Liquid Chromatography
HPLCHigh Performing Learning Communities (various organizations)
HPLCHigh Performance and Low Cost
HPLCHigh Purity Liquid Chromatography
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The sample which detected by HPLC method and UV method diluted with the PBS solvent.
Key words: HbA1c, Diabetes mellitus, Cation exchange HPLC, Immunoturbidimetry.
Ranka Milojkovic is senior HPLC product manager for Tosoh Bioscience, Inc.
Agua, metanol, acetonitrilo grado HPLC, acido clorhidrico (37% p/v) y cloroformo fueron adquiridos de J.
HPLC method: The HPLC system (Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan) consisted of two pumps (LC-10ATvp), diode array detector (SPD-M10Avp) and auto sampler (SIL-HTA) with built-in system controller.
Both groups of adolescents lost equivalent amounts of fat and protein and showed similar improvements in their lipid profiles, but those on the HPLC diet lowered their triglyceride levels significantly more than the low-fat group.
In-house or commercial HPLC assays are the most common CDT assays (n = 19) in the EQUALIS EQA scheme.
In fact, the use of monolithic columns, which can achieve fast separations using conventional HPLC systems, was considered a possible alternative approach and, certainly, a less expensive one.
The Pack-n-Sep 50 preparative HPLC column combines both the advantages of a 50 mm i.
Studies presented here describe the purification and identification of the HPLC peak II component as 9,10-dihydroxy-12-octadecenoic acid (leukotoxin diol; LTX-diol), a well-known leukotoxin.
This month we discuss a critical aspect of HPLC analysis; the effect the elapsed time of an HPLC run has on the analysis.