HPLC-DADHigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode-Array Detection
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Leiva, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Determination in Water Samples by HPLC-DAD under Isocratic Conditions, J.
Caption: Figure 1: Identification of compounds in the aqueous extract of Campomanesia adamantium roots by HPLC-DAD (270 nm).
The individual HPLC-DAD phenol profiles were obtained following the method described by Campos and Markham (2007).
Las alicuotas de los sobrenadantes se usaron para los analisis de HPLC-DAD y UPLC-TOF-MS.
En la Tabla I, se muestran los tiempos de retencion de los plaguicidas segun la metodologia HPLC-DAD empleada.
The phytochemical profile of fringe tree root bark was confirmed to be as reported by Boyer (2005) with all 8 compounds identified by a combination of HPLC-DAD and LC/MS techniques.
HPLC-DAD with previous solid-phase extraction can potentially be used to evaluate the relationship between the binding of phenolic compounds to LDL and their biological activity as antioxidants in supplementation studies with dietary or nutraceutical foods.
maritima extracts was performed using HPLC-DAD with external standard method, using isovitexin-2"-O-glucopyranoside (~95% pure by HPLC) as standard compound.