HPLC-ECDHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled to Electrochemical Detection
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Ranges of background levels of 8-oxodG in human lymphocytes were determined with HPLC-ECD and the FPG-modified comet assay in inter- and intralaboratory comparisons [102].
8-oxodG measured in Method Number of healthy individuals (age) DNA of PBLs HPLC-ECD 35 (60 [+ or -] ?
Paracetamol-associated interference in an HPLC-ECD assay for urinary free metadrenalines and catecholamines.
The discrepancy between our results and those of that study may be explained by the difference in the precision of HPLC-ECD methods.
We compared the results obtained by XLC-MS/MS and HPLC-ECD methods for patient specimens routinely screened for pheochromocytoma.
HPLC-ECD analysis showed no signal in the chromatogram, but a marked disturbance was seen when the pretreatment was omitted, indicating that pretreatment eliminates the interference caused by MAA and AA.
0 fmol) than previously reported HPLC-ECD and LC-MS/MS methods and could be suitable for analysis of 8-oxodGuo in human serum and DNA.
Bland-Altman plots for the results of the correlation study with a comparative HPLC-ECD method for urine samples are presented in Fig.