HPLC-EDHigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection
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Using the standard errors of the mean differences, we computed the 95% confidence intervals; these showed an apparent positive bias for HPLC-ED, HPLC-FD using NaB[H.
Ninety-five percent of tHcy determinations by HPLC-ED and by EIA were 0.
When we grouped laboratories by method type and performed a two-way ANOVA with laboratory and method as variables to compare methods individually, we found no significant differences among the methods except that HPLC-FD trialkylphosphine/ABD-F (laboratory 6) gave significantly lower results than HPLC-FD NaBH4/ MBrB (laboratories 10 and 11) and HPLC-ED (laboratories 1-3).
Furthermore, nonisotopic immunoassays are now commonly used by clinical biology laboratories lacking access to techniques like HPLC-ED.