HPLC-MSHigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry
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A 10 [micro]L aliquot of each sample was injected into the HPLC-MS system.
Today, high-throughput HPLC-MS for structure confirmation allows acquisition of hundreds of spectra per instrument per day.
The HPLC-MS analysis was done on a HPLC system which consisted of a Spectra System SN4000 interface, a Spectra System SCM1000 degasser, a Spectra System P1000XR pump, a Spectra System AS3000 autosampler, and a Finnigan LCQ Classic ion trap mass spectrometer in positive ion mode (all Thermo, San Jose, CA, USA) equipped with a SPD-10A UV-vis detector (Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan) and Xcalibur 2.
Chromatography-grade acetonitrile used for HPLC-MS analysis were purchased from Alltech Scientific (Beijing, China).
Contract award notice: The subject of procurement is the supply of 1 pc new, unused sets liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole with one control system software (hereinafter the "report HPLC-MS / MS") meets the technical specifications required by the contracting authority, its accessories and technology.
Standard line slopes as a measure of a relative matrix effect in quantitative HPLC-MS bioanalysis.
Tenders Are Invited for Procurement of a high-resolution HPLC-MS system for the research field proteomics and metabolomics.
HPLC-MS analysis for the identification of Gencydo[R]were targeted at the identification of the typical flavanon-glycosides known in lemon and flavonot-glycosides and caffeoylquinic acids which have been described in quince previously.