HPLC-PADHigh-performance Liquid Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detector
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Chen, "Fingerprint profile of active components for Artemisia selengensis Turcz by HPLC-PAD combined with chemometrics," Food Chemistry, vol.
Types Medicinal Methods of of HMPs value analysis Basil Antimicrobial and HPLC-DAD (Ocimum sp.) antioxidant properties Radix Isatidis Influenza, epidemic RP-HPLC (Isatis hepatitis, and epidemic indigotica) encephalitis B Artemisia Diminishing HPLC-PAD selengensis inflammation, relieving Turcz.
The HPLC-PAD analysis profile (254 nm) of ERP was shown in Figure 1, and the relative amounts of three known compounds are verbascoside (26.88 mg/g), rosmarinic acid (28.35 mg/g), and pogostone (46.43 mg/g).
sphenanthera by HPLC-PAD was developed, and this multi-compounds quantitative analysis method was a powerful and practical tool for evaluating the quality of the fruit of S.
HPLC-PAD analysis were carried out on a ProStar Varian separation module equipped with a quaternary pump and autosampler injector, controlled by Galaxie workstation.