HPLCUVHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatogram with Ultraviolet/Visible
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The HPLCUV method is applicable to determine only glucose but not other sugars.
On the one hand, using HPLCUV for qualitative analysis and deep eutectic solvent-based negative pressure cavitation assisted extraction (DES-NPCE) followed by macroporous resin column chromatography for quantitative analysis, the maximum extraction yields of four main isoflavonoids 11 and 14-16 accounted for 1.204, 1.057, 0.911, and 2.448 mg/g dry weight D.
Schmid, "Chiral separation of cathinone derivatives used as recreational drugs by HPLCUV using a CHIRALPAK(R) AS-H column as stationary phase," Chirality, vol.
Eight phenolic acids in sugar beet vinasse were studied by HPLCUV. However, this proposed method demanded two different wavelengths for detection of the studied analytes.
Optimization of RP-HPLC conditions and extraction of cinitapride from human blood plasma by liquid-liquid extraction have been performed and analyzed by the HPLCUV method.