HPLFHuman Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts
HPLFHull Public Library Foundation (Massachusetts)
HPLFHousing Preservation Loan Fund (Hartford, CT)
HPLFHigh-Power Lab Facility (equipment testing laboratory; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
HPLFHomogeneous Polynomial Lyapunov Function
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Figure 7(b) shows the recorded voltage waveform for all three chairs when the participant wore non-ESD Deck Shoes 1 on a non-ESD floor, HPLF.
Floor and Shoe Types Floor Description Shoes Description Rubber 1 ESD floor Low-range ESD shoes dissipative ESD shoes Rubber 2 ESD floor Midrange ESD shoes dissipative ESD shoes Vinyl 1 Medium-ESD floor Deck Shoes 2 Non-ESD shoes Vinyl 2 Medium-ESD floor Deck Shoes 1 Non-ESD shoes HPLF Non-ESD floor Plastic shoes Non-ESD shoes -- -- Leather dress Non-ESD shoes shoes -- -- Running shoe Non-ESD shoes -- -- Deck Shoes 3 Non-ESD shoes Table 3.