HPLPHp Laser Printer
HPLPHigh-Performance Low-Power (laboratory; University of Virginia)
HPLPHuman PTH (Parathyroid Hormone)-Like Peptide
HPLPHousing and Property Law Partnership (London, England, UK)
HPLPHouse of Peace and Love Project (Tanzania)
HPLPHealth Promoter Leadership Program (Refugee Women’s Network)
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Reliability and validity of the HPLP II have been supported in psychometric testing in a large sample of adults (Walker & Hill-Polrecky, 1996).
El instrumento HPLP II de la teorista Nola Pender, esta conformado por 52 items distribuidos en seis dimensiones: responsabilidad en salud, actividad fisica, nutricion, crecimiento espiritual, relaciones interpersonales, manejo del estres.
T-test analysis was performed to determine whether there were statistically significant differences in HPLP II and BHPA scores for traditional and nontraditional students (see Table 3).
Students' scores (range 0-3) on the overall HPLP II ranged from .
Evaluation of the linear relationships between the HRQOL measures and the HPLP II scores were measured using Pearson correlations.
2008, Eating Habits, Knowledge about Cancer Prevention and the HPLP Scale in Turkish Adolescents.
No statistically significant differences were found between the nursing and midwifery school students for the HPLP total or subscale score means (p > 0.
The lower reliabilities for the subscales in the HPLP may be related to the limited number of items; thus, the subscales were considered in total in further analysis.
As shown, academic stress was significantly related to HPLP subscales, spiritual growth (r= -.
The HPLP was developed by Walker, Sechrist, and Pender (1987) to characterize the "multidimensional pattern of self-initiated actions and perceptions that serve to maintain or enhance the level of wellness, self-actualization, and fulfillment of the individual" (p.