HPLSHIV Prevention Leadership Summit (National Minority AIDS Council)
HPLSHebrew Prayers Learning Series (transliterated books)
HPLSHome Purchase Loan Scheme (est. 1988; Hong Kong)
HPLSHistory and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (journal)
HPLSHuman Performance and Leisure Studies (education)
HPLSHierarchical Partial Least Squares
HPLSHoldrege Public Library System (Holdrege, NE)
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During the meeting, the district school board decided to write a letter to the ASBCS to express concern about the HPLS application.
Well-known and influential individuals made efforts to provide negative information on charter schools in general and on HPLS specifically to influence the Tohono O'odham community and intimidate others who supported the new school.
Many on the committee, some of whom were board members at the local school district, seemed to be focused on utilizing this venue to campaign against HPLS.
In the two decades prior to working on HPLS, CEENA and AIEC had tackled issues in Indian education, focusing on improving high school and college graduation rates for Native American students and on recruiting Native American teachers.
The decision to locate HPLS off the reservation did cause the conflict between HPLS and individuals within the reservation public school district to recede, albeit slowly.
Another high school, part of a local Tucson school district, allowed HPLS to set up a recruitment booth at their "Indian Day" celebration.
Before HPLS even opened, a second bus route to serve the San Xavier District was added to accommodate student and parent interest.
The start-up story of HPLS ends with the school opening its doors in its Tucson location in late September 1998.
After six years of operation, HPLS was rated as one of "the strengths of the Tohono O'odham Nation education system" (37) in the Tribe's comprehensive education survey.
As I sit to finish this account and to reflect on my work with the HPLS start-up, I'm looking at a wake notice for an HPLS co-founder who will be buried later today.
7) This story is but one part of a larger, ethnographic case study that sought to understand the HPLS site in its socio/political/historical context through exploration of various participant perspectives and is based on documents, observant participation, and interviews.