HPMGHuffington Post Media Group
HPMGHill Physicians Medical Group (California)
HPMGHampshire Property Management Group (est. 1995; Northampton, MA)
HPMGHigh Protein Mega Gainer (mass-gaining exercise supplement; Dymatize)
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The HPMG has already garnered the attention of industry professionals who are excited to use this new product.
Patch is likely to be one of the thornier problems for HPMG. Launched as an initiative to produce hyperlocal content on a bare-bones budget, Armstrong once had ambitious plans for Patch to be a profitable set of 1,000 sites by the end of 2011.
Capital New York media reporter Joe Pompeo, who wrote an extensive piece outlining the editorial structure and direction of HPMG, says, "I don't think the idea was to make it Huffington Post Patch, but to leverage the resources Patch has and to cross-purpose some of the content."
While local efforts have been a struggle for parent company AOL and continue to look like a challenging proposition under the HPMG banner, another of Huffington's objectives has picked up the pace in keeping with her post-acquisition plans.
The Woodbury Clinic is one of the most successful of HPMG clinics in advancing toward the diabetes standard.
HPMG provides medical care in 20 clinics to [approximately equal to] 250,000 patients, or [approximately equal to] 9% of the total population in the Minneapolis-St.
The number and geographic distribution of patients with anthrax were modeled by using visitor data from the mall, the US Census bureau (http://www.census.gov/ geo/www/gazetteer/places2k.html), and demographic data from HPMG. We purposely chose to model the first 3 stages of infection of Buckeridge et al.
With a limited number of simulations, this variation allows us to assess the effect of an attack with a variety of infection rates and rates of HPMG's penetration in the community and the zip code.
Investments in technology infrastructure allow HPMG to digitally record International Classification of Diseases, Revision 9 (ICD-9) data from patient visits to network clinics within approximately 24 hours of a patient's initial visit.
To satisfy the first criterion, these data are collected at HPMG shortly after the patient's initial visit; then identification is removed and the data transferred to the Minnesota Department of Health for analysis without additional work for physicians, clinic staff, or patients.
We used an autoregressive model (PROC AUTOREG) to model the square root of the daily counts of ILI to the HPMG clinics in a 3-year historical period (18).
For our HPMG clinics, we enhance the registries with specific details from our electronic medical record system, EpicCare from Epic Systems Corporation.