HPMOHomes Partnership Mortgage Options (UK)
HPMOHybrid Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas (materials chemistry)
HPMOHigh Purity Metal Organic (industrial chemistry)
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Synthesis of HPMOs. HPMOs were prepared by a special templating method based on a chemical etching process in alkaline solution.
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography of HPMOs In Vitro.
PTX Loading into HPMOs (PTX-HPMOs) and the Releasing Performance.
PTX-loaded HPMOs (5 mg) were added into the dialysis bag and then introduced into a vial with PBS (50 mL) with or without ultrasound irradiation.
HPMOs were synthesized by a typical hard-templating method based on the stability variations of silica core (template) and PMOs shell [25].
Furthermore, we systematically evaluated the in vitro acoustic enhancement of HPMOs under different concentrations, ultrasound imaging modalities, and mechanical indexes.
We further used HPMOs as the drug delivery system (DDS) for ultrasound-triggered drug release and delivery due to the unique hollow interiors and mesoporous shell, which could largely protect the healthy organs from the toxic drugs and prevent the decomposition/denaturing of the drugs prior to reaching the targeted tissue [26-28].