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HPMRHuman Plasma Membrane Receptome (Stanford University; California)
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When we compare the thermal conductivity and hydrogen absorption kinetics with several other Mg-based materials (325 mesh Mg, Mg single crystal (0001), Mg nanoparticles by HPMR method, and [Mg.sub.50][Co.sub.50] bcc alloy) the Mg thin-film sample is the optimized sample with superior hydrogen absorption kinetics and good thermal conductivity.
We have already discussed the microstructure of Mg nanoparticles as prepared by the HPMR method [8, 50, 53].
In our study, HPMR fat had significantly higher [a.sup.*] and [b.sup.*] values compared with LPMR fat (p<0.05).
In our study, WC fat with the highest moisture content (2.19%, p<0.05) also had significantly higher acid value compared to LPMR, HPMR, and OB fats (0.59%, 0.32%, and 0.22% of moisture contents, respectively).