HPOLHistory and Politics out Loud (database; Northwestern University; Illinois)
HPOLHarris Poll Online
HPolHorizontal Polarization
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HPOL members will benefit from our years of experience identifying and organizing Internet resources for the health-care community and from a direct connection to our online physician community.
HPOL and HPOL are two separate and distinct services.
HPOL was created as a Web site to facilitate access for more than 3 million practicing health professionals in the U.
We computed hundreds of simulations in order to estimate the optimal parameters of the kernel functions, such as the order d in HPOL and IPOL kernel, and the scaling factor [gamma] in GRB kernel.
For LIN kernel, the whole classification accuracy was (17 + 135)/160 = 95%; for HPOL kernel, was (19 + 136)/160 = 96.
We picked up four different kernels as LIN, HPOL, IPOL and GRB.
The reason is the GRB kernel takes the form of exponential function, which can enlarge the distance between samples to the extent that HPOL can't reach.
This notification has no effect at this time on the listing of the Company's common stock, which will continue to trade on The Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol HPOL.
16 March 2010 - Swedish polymer group Hexpol AB (STO: HPOL B) said today it has agreed to buy France-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) producer VTC TPE Group for EUR35m adjusted for acquired net debt.
According to a Schedule 13D filed with the SEC on November 1, 2007, ZF Partners, LP and affiliated entities own 5,001,031 shares of HPOL, which at the time of the filing represented 9.