HPOOHewlett-Packard Operations Orchestration
HPOOHealing Power of Obnoxiousness (website)
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Studies that compared mid-term, semi long-term or long-term interventions with HPOO vs.
Studies that compared mid-term or long-term interventions with HPOO vs.
2004) provided a low DIP (3.4 mg/d) in the HPOO group thusly no subgroup analysis could be performed.
The included trials can only hint towards the role of HPOO with respect to the effects of the Mediterranean diet.
As HPOO has small effects on systolic blood pressure it could be advised as a dietary fat in the primary prevention of CVDs.
To achieve the same high level of daily oil consumption (respectively phenol intake) like in the trials HPOO has to be used as the primary source of fat.