HPPAHewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
HPPAHospital Purchaser-Provider Agreement
HPPAHomePlug Powerline Alliance
HPPAHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (book/movie)
HPPAHigh Power Proton Accelerators
HPPAHealth Promotion and Protection Act of 1990 (Ontario, Canada)
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By examining awareness and the behavioral characteristics of consumers, providers and payers, HPPA will identify sectors in which pharmaceutical companies can effectively contribute to consumer/provider understanding of programs and policies.
By addressing all of these targets, HPPA will be able to provide analyses of each segment as well as demonstrate where and how they are linked, thus providing a complete, and longitudinal view of marketplace dynamics," states Ms.
Materials currently in use or under examination include fluoropolymers, PPS, HPPA and PEI.
5 in the on-going analysis and output optimization of the recently announced Sonoma Wine Company installation, while enabling quick HPPAs (heat and power purchase agreements), as well as the design of their planned solar cogen installations in California and beyond.
We were pleased that an industry-standard solution like Polysun can now be used to design and predict the output of solar cogeneration systems, enabling HPPAs and other long term financing solutions," said Dr.