HPPSSHigh Point Percentage Scoring System (Charleston Model Yacht Club)
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Internally, the HPPSS stores data in vectors to use computer memory efficiently.
Depending on the level of reporting requested, the HPPSS will generate as few as two output files per model to over 100 output files per model.
The next several sections describe the key subprograms of the HPPSS with an emphasis on technical components that provide the simulator with its power and versatility.
This allows a user to request a minimal amount of output for a run of several scenarios in order to identify scenarios of interest and then to re-run the HPPSS to produce more detailed output for specific scenarios of interest.
These LP subprograms are the heart of the HPPSS. They allow the user of the HPPSS to focus on the impact of various feedback and control mechanisms rather than the formulation of the various subproblems.
A specific variable may be included in a very small number of constraints, generally four or less in the master model used by the HPPSS. The compressed A matrix requires a corresponding set of pointers to identify which constraint contains each element of the compressed A matrix.
This limitation is not inherent in the HPPSS as it can consider different variables at the upper- and lower levels.