HPRFHealthPartners Research Foundation
HPRFHigh Power Radio Frequency
HPRFHigh Pulse Repetition Frequency
HPRFHealth Policy and Research Foundation of California (est. 1986)
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Both HPRF and IME have been recognized within HealthPartners and nationally for their innovative contributions to improving health.
Modes: 2D/B, CD, PDI, M, PW, HPRF, Triplex, frequency compounded, spatial compounded, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
While the ESM will not necessarily have to fully process every CW and HPRF signal in dense CW/HPRF environments, it must be able to detect and display them as threats.
Conducting about 250 research projects each year, HPRF is dedicated to discovering and accelerating the use of knowledge to improve the health and health care of our members, patients and the community.