HPRHHealing Power of Rainforest Herbs (Leslie Taylor book)
HPRHHigh Performance Rescue Hoist
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DEVELOPMENT JUMBOS Quasar 12 Boomer H104 MK 10HD Micromatic Length (mm) 8,500 8,600 8,640 8,300 Width (mm) 1,200 1,220 1,220 1,200 Height (mm)(*) 1,900 2,000 1,980 2,200 Weight (kg) 8,200 7,000 7,800 4,300 Rock Drill H200 or COP1032 or HPRH or HE300 or H300 COP1238 HPR1 HL300S Feed CC2510-2512 BMH1110-12 HFA 12 CF30HDx32 Hole Length (m) 2.7-3.3 2.7-3.3 3.2 2.9 Boom B14 BUT 4 B73 MR300 Autoparallel Yes No - TES Yes Yes Clinometer Boom Extension No Yes Yes No Electric (kW) 37 37 or 45 45 35 All Diesel Yes Yes Yes Yes Option Deutz F6L Deutz F6L Deutz F6L Deutz F4L Engine Deutz F3L Deutz F3L Deutz F4L Deutz F3L Tramming Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic OPERATING PARAMETERS Min.
The standard unit is equipped with diesel tram and the GD HPRH hydraulic drill which is available with optional automated features such as auto return, anti-jamming automatics, and remote boom and drill controls.
The Gardner-Denver HPRH hydraulic drill is available with optional auto drill return, anti-jamming automatics, remote boom and drill control, hydraulic centralizer, and telescopic feed.