HPRSHighway Patrol Retirement System (Ohio)
HPRSHigh Protect Rim System (Michelin)
HPRSHealth Professions and Related Sciences (course description)
HPRSHoughton Poultry Research Station (UK)
HPRSHurricane Proof Roof Systems (Florida)
HPRSHigh Performance Rocket System
HPRSWorkshop in High Performance Routing and Switching
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To that end, we have adapted the HPRS to enable rapid depressurization and preservation of biological samples for subsequent molecular analyses (see Materials and Methods).
In light of the paucity of data on the molecular mechanisms underlying vestimentiferan symbiotic interactions, in particular during high metabolic activity, we conducted a series of experiments that employ the HPRS to ally metabolic rates with host gene expression during high net productivity in the vestimentiferan tubeworm Ridgeia piscesae Jones, 1985.
Select transcripts representing genes from these various categories expressed in the trophosome under HPRS conditions were identified and binned to depict those transcripts with the highest abundance (Table 3).
However, combinations are unmonographed in the HPRS and are considered to be unofficial homeopathic products.
All substances, including vitamins, when prepared according to HPRS Guidelines and meeting the Criteria for Eligibility are eligible for consideration for inclusion in the HPRS (HPUS).