HPRWHispanic PR Wire
HPRWHispanic Press Release Wire
HPRWHouston Professional Republican Women (est. 1980; Houston, TX)
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Naville, The Temple of Deir el Bahri [London: Egypt Exploration Fund, (1895)--1908], Plate 114); (adjectival sentence) ksn mss.s "It was painful for her to give birth" (pWestcar 9,22); (adverbial sentence) skdd t[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] hft wd.k "It is under your command that the state sails" (Peasant B1,267); (object clause) prr(.j) r h[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]s[t tn] "(His Majesty ordered) that I go to this desert" (Hammamat 113,10); (genitive phrase) hrw mss.tw.f "the day he is born" (pEbers 97,13); (prepositional phrase) m mrr.f "as he likes" (Sinuhe B263); (title of spell) jrr s hprw "That a man undergoes transformations" (CT IV 42e).
Between it and the end of hprw there seems to be hardly any room for another sign.
n, swt.k m ntr nb, rn.sn w h, ht rmt jst gr hprw.k r w, di.n.k h.sn di.n.k b w.sn, .htp.