HPSGPHigh Priority Schools Grant Program (Canada)
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In 2001, the High Priority Schools Grant Program (HPSGP) was established as part of PSAA to provide additional funds to the lowest-performing schools in the state, taking the place of the prior Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP).
Terms defined herein are: (1) Academic Performance Index (API); (2) Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP); (3) Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program (CSRD); (4) California Standards Tests (CSTs); (5) High Priority Schools Grant Program (HPSGP); (6) Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP); (7) No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB); (8) Program Improvement (PI); (9) Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA); (10) School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT); and (11) Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR Program).
One of these is the High Priority Schools Program (HPSGP), created by Assembly Bill 961 (Chapter 747, "Statutes of 2001") to provide funds to the lowest performing schools in the state.