HPSMHealth Plan of San Mateo (San Mateo County, CA)
HPSMHistory and Philosophy of Science and Medicine (UK)
HPSMHewlett-Packard Sales Malaysia
HPSMHigh Power Switching Module(s)
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Members of HPSM receive benefits through Medi-Cal, CareAdvantage (HMO SNP), HealthWorx, and the San Mateo County ACE Program.
For more information about the HPSM conference, including videos of conference sessions and text of the recommendations that were written as a result, see the conference Web site at: http://www.
Other institutions present at the HPSM conference that have offered coursework or programs on wellness include: Berkeley College; Boston Conservatory; Francis Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy; Hardin Simmons University; Oberlin; Rutgers; University of California, San Francisco; University of Washington; and Western Michigan University.
The HPSM and SBHI programs provide a unique opportunity to study the impact of one type of MMC arrangements on children's preventive care use.
We supplemented these data with pseudo-claims (claims filed by HPSM and SBHI but without paid amounts) for preventive care visits and immunizations filed with the State of California by HPSM and SBHI.
5 percent among children continuously enrolled in the HPSM from birth to 6 months of age to 83.
Members of HPSM receive benefits through Medi-Cal, CareAdvantage (HMO SNP), Healthy Families, Healthy Kids, HealthWorx, and the San Mateo County ACE/MCE Programs.
SXC's PBM services come with full transparency that will enable us to track and manage our prescription drug program much more closely," said MayaEeAaAltman, Executive Director of HPSM.
MTNA has long acknowledged the importance of wellness education through its commitment to publish a Musician Wellnes Bibliography and the series on essential skills, the inclusion of a variety of wellness sessions in each of our national conferences and this recent decision to partner with and send a representative to the HPSM conference.
HPSM joins a growing list of Codman clients serving Medicaid.
HPSM was founded in 1987 by a combination of county government and private health care providers.
Savvy, forward-thinking organizations like HPSM, Firstcare, Geisinger and TMG realize that quickly and efficiently achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance requires the right mix of technology and expertise," stated Richard Howe, president of AXIOM Systems.