HPSOHealthcare Providers Service Organization
HPSOHardy Plant Society of Oregon
HPSOHybrid Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
HPSOHewlett-Packard Symphony Orchestra
HPSOHealth Program Support Office (World Bank; Bangladesh)
HPSOHonors Program Student Organization (St. Catherine University and University of North Dakota)
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All the constraints were satisfied in RABC, ABC, HPSO, CPSO and GA4.
And HPSO method is used to find a proper structure to get an appropriately synchronized features.
Caption: Figure 13: Comparison between PSO and HPSO algorithm.
Power transfer from generator to loads using PSO and HPSO techniques are compared in Fig.
The power flow in the transmission line due to load buses has been obtained using PSO & HPSO optimization technique.
The maximized real power generation at load buses has been achieved by implementing PSO & HPSO techniques.
The transmission losses due to the real power generation and real demand at each load buses have been calculated using PSO and HPSO techniques.
Member coverage benefits through the professional liability insurance policy offered through HPSO are summarized at the right.
In the HPSO algorithm, each particle represents a feasible solution.
In the above step of HPSO algorithm, the target of scheduling and optimization is to make the manufacturing duration of tooling the shortest.
This selected mechanism based on probability ensures the diversity of antibody, so, by this way, the contractility and convergence capability of proposed HPSO algorithm are improved to a large extent.
HPSO optimizes particle swarm algorithm by introducing immunization and immune selection.