HPSPHealth Professions Scholarship Program
HPSPHealth and Population Sector Programme (1998-2003; Bangladesh)
HPSPHealth Professionals Services Program (Minnesota)
HPSPHigh Precision Scan Platform (Cassini mission)
HPSPHealth Promoting Schools Programme (South Africa)
HPSPHealth Policy Summer Program
HPSPHigh-Pressure Solid-Phase (forming technique)
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Leader candidates from the HPSP will be identified at the earliest point in their medical education.
The HPSP provides financial assistance to physically and academically qualified students who are interested in becoming Air Force officers and earning health-related degrees.
HPSP is an IRR program created to obtain adequate numbers of commissioned officers on active duty who are qualified in the various health professions.
(11) In April 1997, Hanna submitted her application for the HPSP scholarship, stating affirmatively that she was not a conscientious objector.
activities into the Health and Population Sector Program (HPSP) and c)
The specific objectives of the HPSP were to: (a) reduce maternal and childhood morbidity and mortality; (b) reduce prevalence/incidence of poverty-related communicable diseases; (c) reduce fertility; and (d) improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of health and family planning services.
The Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP) was also extended to ANC recruiting efforts in support of the 66F, 66CM8, and 66P AOCs.
Este artigo e um desdobramento da pesquisa "As patologias nos modos de ser crianca e adolescente: uma analise dos motivos de internacao no Hospital Psiquiatrico Sao Pedro (HPSP)".
Implementation arrangements for the project were initially envisaged as part of the sector-wide HPSP; but when this was shown to be ineffective, it was changed at the MTR into more of a project mode, to facilitate greater focus and ownership.
The government, with the support of the World Bank and other donors, introduced the Health and Population Sector Programme (HPSP) in July 1998 in the 5th five-year plan, which was the first time the concept of reproductive health (RH) surfaced in a policy document.
Figure 2 presents the maximal load in the Lithuanian power system, which corresponds to the design net electricity production for the basic scenario, including its probable fluctuation within the uncertainty zone, and power balance (system reserve, necessary capacity of system services and a rest of capacities) in the case of rational development of combined power and heat generation power plants but without construction of new nuclear units at Ignalina NPP site and without usage of capacities at Kruonis HPSP.