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HPTHome Pregnancy Test
HPTHigh Point (Amtrak station code; High Point, NC)
HPTHigh Pressure Test
HPTHaptoglobin (protein)
HPTHuman Performance Technology
HPTHistoric Places Trust (New Zealand)
HPTHeartland Poker Tour
HPTHigh Pressure Turbo
HPTHigh Precision Tool
HPTHigh Performance Turbine
HPTHotdocs Pdf Template
HPTHigh Point Technology
HPTHyper Pipelined Technology
HPTHygromycin Phosphotransferase Gene
HPTHitachi Plant Technologies Ltd. (Japan)
HPTHotel Pacific Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
HPTHigh Pressure Turbine
HPTHeat Pipe Technology
HPTHigh-Payoff Target (US DoD)
HPTHost Print Transform
HPTHazard Perception Test (Australia, driving)
HPTHydraulic Profiling Tool (various companies)
HPTHuman Power Team (Netherlands)
HPTHigh-Performance Team
HPTHarley Poker Tour (cards)
HPTHome Port
HPTHistamine Provocation Test
HPTHyundai Plasma TV
HPTHigh Payoff Target
HPTHeparin Protamine Titration (assay)
HPTHarry Potter Team (fiction)
HPTHeterojunction Phototransistor
HPTHealth Physics Technician
HPTHuman Powered Transportation
HPTHigh Priority Target
HPTHypertension Prevention Trial
HPTHigh-Order Path Termination
HPTHigh Performance Technologies, Inc
HPTHybrid Powertrain (automobile industry)
HPTHook Pile Tape
HPTHatch Product Transport (system)
HPTHealth Protection Technician
HPTHazard Prediction Tool
HPTHalo PC (Personal Computer) Tourney (gaming clan)
HPTHigh Pitched Tone (telephony)
HPTHabitat Partioning by Therevids
HPTHigh Point Solutions, Inc (RAID/ATA controller technologies)
HPTHybrid Phenomena Theory
HPTHigh Potential Target
HPTHigh-Precision Track (computing)
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HPT will acquire 25 travel centres, including the 11 sites which HPT currently owns and where HPT will acquire some or all of the improvements, land and ancillary property, for approximately USD 279m.
OCC and HPT are joining forces to seize the opportunity to lead the industry towards a sustainable and greener future, and we are convinced this partnership will allow OCC to take a leading position in the GCC region," he added.
Design engineers will also enjoy SelectPlus' ability to generate dimensional drawings and help select HPT systems for direct-expansion and chilled-water systems," a company statement said.
This section provides an overview of each of the phases in the HPT process and how each phase can be applied to course redesign.