HPTCHigh Performance Technical Computing
HPTCHigh Plains Technology Center (Woodward, OK)
HPTCHistoric Preservation Training Center(US National Park Service)
HPTCHealthcare Provider Taxonomy Code
HPTCHigh Park Tennis Club (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
HPTCHomestead Property Tax Credit (Michigan)
HPTCHuman Proximal Tubule Cell
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A very significant number of our patients at HPTC had developed end-stage-liver-disease (ESLD).
While we were operating HPTC, simultaneously we were working on completion of our hospital so that we could care for these patients with ESLD soon in our own hospital.
Students in the HPTC TAP program are becoming creative thinkers who can use their skills to solve 21st century problems with some old-fashioned work ethic and common sense."
"With the [machine's] remote operation, we can safely pick up and maneuver materials without compressors, hoses or other accessories presenting trip hazards," says HPTC Exhibits Specialist Jessica Gordon.
Based in Fredericak, Md., the HPTC rented the Vacuworx MC 5 lifter and three custom pad assemblies from Extreme Seal & Rigging, Warrenton, Va.
Chlorinated cyclodiene insecticides' including HPTC has been incorporated along with 12 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) of Stockholm Convention signed in 2001.
"With features such as Dynamic Reconfiguration of CPU and memory for 'hot swap' upgrades, expansion and maintenance, we can focus on our high performance technical computing (HPTC) scientific tasks rather than day-to-day system fire fighting.
The new listings help illustrate Sun's tremendous growth in the HPTC market over the last six years.
To test whether subjects lied more when the payoff to lying increased, we pooled the data from Experiment 2 (HPTC) and Experiment 1 (TC) because these two experiments were identical except that the dollar payoffs were five times greater in Experiment 2.
"The announcement of the HP AlphaServer DS20L is a strong indication of the company's ongoing commitment to the HPTC community and to the AlphaServer roadmap," said Debra Goldfarb, group vice president, Worldwide Systems and Servers, IDC.