HPTEHigh Precision Tracking Experiment
HPTEHigh-Performance Turbine Engine
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Oil vehicle Saline vehicle Versus BPA Versus HPTE Versus [E.
2], compared with vehicle versus BPA or vehicle versus HPTE resulted in correlation coefficients of common signature genes [summarized in Table 2; see also Supplemental Material, Figure 3 (doi:10.
KIKO vehicle (oil) KIKO vehicle (saline) Versus BPA Versus HPTE WT saline vehicle versus [E.
HPTE behaved as an ER[alpha] agonist and an ER[beta] antagonist with estrogen-responsive promoters in HeLa cells (Gaido et al.
Chemical structures of bisphenol AF and HPTE differ, with one of two [CF.
However, HPTE is approximately 100 times more active at ERs than is methoxychlor.
d] [greater than or equal to] values for apo-ER[alpha] or-ER[beta]): BPC and HPTE for ER[alpha], and ferutinine, BBP, BPC, TCBPA, chlordecone, HPTE, and DDE for ER[beta].
Several compounds did not interact with H524 because they lack a second hydroxyl group (ferutinine, 4-OP, butylparaben, and DDE) or because they adopt a position that draws this hydroxyl moiety toward T347 in H3 (BPC, HPTE, and DDE).
It is noteworthy that the closely related HPTE adopts a similar binding mode and acts as an AF-2 antagonist, whereas DDE, which contains chlorine atoms instead of hydroxyl groups, does not induce the reorientation of T347 and acts as a partial agonist (Figure 4F).
2] # ICI BPA # BPAF # HPTE # 4n-NP Dai * Gen # Kaem * Api Coum # Endo Kep 1-BP Relative Iuc activity (fold change) HepG2-ER[alpha] (pS2 ERE Luc) Control [E.
2] ICI # BPA * BPAF HPTE 4n-NP * Dai Gen Kaem Api Coum Endo Kep 1-BP Relative Iuc activity (fold change) HepG2-ER[beta]/cJun (7x AP-1 Luc) Control [E.
The group 1 EDCs BPA and BPAF significantly induced the endogenous ER[alpha] target genes PR, pS2, GREB1, SPUVE, WISP2, and SDF-1, and HPTE significantly induced all of these genes except SDF-1.